PHP Data Objects Interface.

Do not use this, as PDO has been moved into core (the php source) so this pecl extension is dead.

PDO provides a uniform data access interface, sporting advanced features such
as prepared statements and bound parameters. PDO drivers are dynamically
loadable and may be developed independently from the core, but still accessed
using the same API.

License: PHP

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel http://svn.php.net/viewvc/php/php-src/trunk/ext/pdo/ package ext/PDO.

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1.0.3 2006-05-01 PDO-1.0.3.tgz
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Version Message
1.0.3 It is highly recommended that you update to PHP 5.1 or higher before using PDO.
This PECL release corresponds to the PHP 5.1.3 release.

You need to install a PDO database driver to make use of PDO,
check http://pecl.php.net/package-search.php?pkg_name=PDO
for a list of available PDO drivers.

If you are running on Windows, you can find a precompiled binary at:

You can find additional PDO drivers at:

** Changes **
- Fixed bug #37167 (PDO segfaults when throwing exception from the
fetch handler). (Tony)
- Fixed memory corruption when PDO::FETCH_LAZY mode is being used. (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #36222 (errorInfo in PDOException is always NULL). (Ilia)
- Fixed bug #35797 (segfault on PDOStatement::execute() with
zend.ze1_compatibility_mode = On). (Tony, Ilia)
- Fixed bug #35543 (crash when calling non-existing method in extended class). (Tony)
- Fixed bug #35508 (improved validation of fetch modes). (Tony)
- Fixed bug #35431 (PDO crashes when using LAZY fetch with fetchAll). (Wez)
- Fixed bug #35430 (PDO crashes on incorrect FETCH_FUNC use). (Tony)

- Changed PDO_XXX constants to PDO::XXX
- It is now possible to extend PDO and PDOStatement and override their constructors

- Fixed Bug #35303; PDO::prepare() can cause crashes with invalid parameters
- Fixed Bug #35135; "new PDOStatement" can cause crashes.
- Fixed Bug #35293 and PECL Bug #5589; segfault when creating persistent connections
- Fixed PECL Bug #5010, problem installing headers
- renamed pdo_drivers() to PDO::getAvailableDrivers()
- Various fixes when building with SPL
- PDO::setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_STATEMENT_CLASS) allows you to set your own
PDOStatement replacement when extending PDO and PDOStatement
- Fixed Bug #34687; error information from PDO::query() was not always returned
- Fixed PECL Bug #5750; uri: DSN was not handled correctly
- Fixed PECL Bug #5589; segfault when persistent connection attempt fails
- Fixed Bug #34590; User defined PDOStatement class methods are not callable
- Fixed Bug #34908; FETCH_INTO segfaults without destination object
- Fixed PECL Bug #5809; PDOStatement::execute(array(...)) modifies args
- Fixed PECL Bug #5772; FETCH_FUNC cannot call functions with mixed case names

** Note **

You should uninstall and re-install your individual database drivers whenever
you upgrade the base PDO package, otherwise you will see an error about PDO API
numbers when you run your PHP scripts.
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