High Performance Programmatic Server for PHP with Async IO, Coroutines and Fibers

Build high-performance, scalable, concurrent TCP, UDP, Unix Socket, HTTP, WebSocket services with PHP and easy to use coroutine, fibers API.

License: Apache 2.0

Latest releases

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4.11.1 2022-04-28 openswoole-4.11.1.tgz
4.11.0 2022-03-24 openswoole-4.11.0.tgz
4.10.0 2022-01-24 openswoole-4.10.0.tgz
4.9.1 2021-12-26 openswoole-4.9.1.tgz
4.9.0 2021-12-19 openswoole-4.9.0.tgz
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Version Message
4.11.1 . Fix postgres client metaData api bugs
. Fix cookie parsing bug causing cookie errors
. Fix memory leak in swoole_stream_select
. Fix compatible issues with old libcurl on centos 7
. Fix compatible issues for PHP 8.0 and Fedora, Centos 7
4.11.0 . HTTP2 server: allow HTTP2 client and server to set custom HTTP2 settings
. Support static compile with PHP CLI
. New feature: support http_index_files at HTTP2 server
. CI: Remove PHP7.2/7.3 support as they are not supported by the PHP team
. Bug fixed: Fix HTTP2 client and respect max_concurrent_streams settings
. HTTP2: Update HTTP2 default max concurrent streams per connection to be 1280
. Bug fixed: Respect server side settings at HTTP2 client
. Optimize signal-driven timer code (@hauptmedia)
. Bug fixed: $server->getWorkerPid does not return the correct worker pid when being called from another worker context
. Bug fixed: init window size in http2 server
. Deprecated: redis server
. Bug fixed: close HTTP2 connection when there are errors
. Close connection when a process is stopped and it is managing http2 sessions
. Bug fixed: fix user land timer is not stopping when the server is shutting down
. Postgres client: return empty array if the result set is empty
. Postgres client: provide constant enums for $connection->resultStatus
. Postgres client: added new API $pg->reset() and $pg->status() (@RedChops)
. CI and tests: fixed many bugs in tests and improved the CI and testing (@hauptmedia)
. Build fix for gcc version lower than 4.9 (@dmz-uk)
4.10.0 - New feature: Co::select, the non-blocking coroutine channel selector
- New feature: HTTP2 SSE server-sent events
- New feature: Improved channel stats
- Bug fixed: Argument data type fixed at sleep() and usleep() API by @Hailong
- Bug fixed: HTTP2 and TLS bug fixes
4.9.1 - Bug fixed: Added type validation and value length validation at Swoole Table
- Fix build with old libcurl, thanks @remicollet
4.9.0 - OpenMetrics and JSON format server metrics support
- Added more OpenSwoole server metrics
- Updated $server->stats() API
- Fix CurlMulti bugs
- Fix type bug in Process->wait
- Added Laravel Octane tests
- Added CentOS build tests
- Support disable Postgres with --with-postgres=n
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