mysql_xdevapi 8.0.22


The X DevAPI is the new common API for MySQL Connectors built on the X Protocol introduced in MySQL 5.7.12.

The X DevAPI wraps powerful concepts in a simple API.
* A new high-level session concept enables you to write code that can transparently scale from single MySQL Server to a multiple server environment.
* Read operations are simple and easy to understand.

The X DevAPI introduces a new, modern and easy-to-learn way to work with your data.
* Documents are stored in Collections and have their dedicated CRUD operation set.
* Work with your existing domain objects or generate code based on structure definitions for strictly typed languages.
* Focus is put on working with data via CRUD operations. See Section 3.1, “CRUD Operations Overview”.
* Modern practices and syntax styles are used to get away from traditional SQL-String-Building. See Chapter 10, Building Expressions.

License: PHP


WL#14012: XProtocol -- support for configurable compression algorithms
orabug #31364076: mysqlndx switch from C++14 to C++17, and all related
orabug #31414039: mysqlndx apply std::string_view, remove MYSQLND_CSTRING
orabug #30084547: improve zval wrapper
orabug #31678047: prepared statements tests fail with the newest server
orabug #31958145: some secure connection / TLS tests fail on el8-x86-64bit