mongodb 1.8.0beta2

MongoDB driver for PHP

The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundamental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.

License: Apache License


** Bug
* [PHPC-1598] - Objects with get_properties handlers should have get_gc delegate to zend_std_get_properties

** New Feature
* [PHPC-1313] - Add support for Zstandard compression
* [PHPC-1533] - OCSP Support
* [PHPC-1554] - Unify behavior around configuration for replica set discovery
* [PHPC-1571] - Driver support for server Hedged Reads
* [PHPC-1575] - Add URI option to disable certificate revocation checking

** Task
* [PHPC-1131] - Do not compile php.exe for Appveyor builds
* [PHPC-1384] - Specify behavior where connection string contain auth database but no credentials
* [PHPC-1616] - Remove PHP 7.1 from AppVeyor build config
* [PHPC-1621] - Bundled libmongocrypt emits compiler warning

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1566] - Support speculative authentication attempts in isMaster
* [PHPC-1591] - Add tests for allowed cases when authSource is given but username is not
* [PHPC-1614] - Consult SIZEOF_ZEND_LONG instead of SIZEOF_LONG
* [PHPC-1615] - Specify obj_dir when adding sources in config.w32
* [PHPC-1628] - Clarify return type for WriteConcernError and WriteError getInfo() methods
* [PHPC-1629] - Call libmongoc is_valid functions before completing WriteConcern and ReadPreference initialization
* [PHPC-1632] - Reduce default keepalive time to align with Azure defaults