mongodb 1.18.0

MongoDB driver for PHP

The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundamental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.

License: Apache License


** Task
* [PHPC-1956] - Remove disabled __wakeup function for classes that disable serialization
* [PHPC-2320] - Remove empty string key replacement logic in json_canonicalize()
* [PHPC-2358] - Upgrade libmongocrypt to 1.9.0
* [PHPC-2360] - Upgrade libmongoc to 1.26.0
* [PHPC-2363] - Upgrade libmongocrypt to 1.9.1
* [PHPC-2364] - Upgrade libmongoc to 1.26.1
* [PHPC-2366] - Invoke all Drivers Evergreen Tools Scripts with Bash