mongodb 1.11.0alpha1

MongoDB driver for PHP

The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundamental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.

License: Apache License


** New Feature
* [PHPC-1849] - Handle deprecation of Serializable in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1889] - Support snapshot session option
* [PHPC-1890] - Create constant for snapshot read concern level

** Task
* [PHPC-1918] - BSON corpus code and symbol tests are partially testing the wrong types
* [PHPC-1930] - Removed disabled __wakeup() function in CursorId
* [PHPC-1935] - Add .dep files to .gitignore
* [PHPC-1961] - Regex decoding error tests in top.json have unexpected, invalid syntax
* [PHPC-1965] - Re-enable and stabilise PHP 8.1 build on GitHub actions

** Improvement
* [PHPC-1538] - Lift restriction on authSource without credentials
* [PHPC-1858] - Add return type to arginfo for JsonSerializable::jsonSerialize() in PHP 8.1
* [PHPC-1875] - Disable writes on snapshot sessions
* [PHPC-1876] - Raise client error for snapshot sessions on pre-5.0 servers
* [PHPC-1933] - Add return type to arginfo for Iterator and Countable methods in PHP 8.1