mailparse 2.1.1

Email message manipulation

Mailparse is an extension for parsing and working with email messages.
It can deal with rfc822 and rfc2045 (MIME) compliant messages.

License: PHP-3.01


Fix off-by-one that caused a crash when parsing broken messages.

Avoid possible unterminated loops when parsing malformed email addresses.
Fix a crash bug when not using the OO API.

Add hack to provide "binary" transfer encoding, which is not supported
by mbstring.

Go "stable" at long last; the procedural interface is stable, but not the
OO API. (Despite the version number jump, no nee features have been added)


Fix build problem with PHP 4.3.4 - mbstring extension was rearranged.

Fix potential build problem.

mailparse_msg_parse_file() no longer returns true instead of the mime resource.

Improved uu-decoder to be more robust when dealing with strange line endings.
Fix silly bug introduced by that fix...

Fixed some memory leaks and problems when multiple uue attachments appear
inline in a single mime part.