mailparse: Changelog

Version Message
3.1.6 - fix #29 Segmentation fault with ISO-2022-JP Subject header
- fix #30 Segmentation fault with UTF-8 encoded X-MS-Iris-MetaData header
- revert fix #81403 mailparse_rfc822_parse_addresses drops escaped quotes
3.1.5 - drop usage of removed mbfl APIs in PHP 8.3
- fix GH-27 MimeMessage::__construct() throws TypeError with $mode=stream
- fix GH-21, GH-22, GH-24 segfault in mailparse_msg_parse without mime-version
- fix #81403 mailparse_rfc822_parse_addresses drops escaped quotes
3.1.4 - declare mimemessage::data property
- drop support for PHP older than 7.3
3.1.3 - Fix #73110: Mails with unknown MIME version are treated as plain/text. (cmb)
- Fix #74233: Parsing multi Content-Disposition causes memory leak. (cmb)
- Fix #75825: mailparse_uudecode_all doesn't parse multiple files. (cmb)
- Fix #81422: Potential double-free in mailparse_uudecode_all(). (cmb)
- Fix gh#19 Segmentation fault with PHP 8.1 in extract_body using MAILPARSE_EXTRACT_RETURN. (Remi)
3.1.2 - Fix for PHP 8.1
3.1.1 - Fixed bug #74215: Memory leaks with mailparse (cmb)
- Fixed bug #76498: Unable to use callable as callback (cmb)
- Compatibility with 8.0.0beta4
3.1.0 - add arginfo to all functions
- fix MimeMessage constructor name
3.0.4 - Replace ulong with zend_ulong, fix Windows build (cmb)
3.0.3 QA Release:
- add missing files in archive
- fix -Wformat warning
- add dependency on mbstring extension
- PHP 7.3 compatibility
3.0.2 - Fix segfault in getChild
3.0.1 - Fix double free caused by mailparse_msg_free
3.0.0 - PHP 7 Release
2.1.6 - PHP 5.4 compatibility
- BUG: Fixed TSRM build
- BUG: Don't attempt parse addresses if # of addresses is 0
2.1.5 fix buffer overflow/segfault problem seen on windows (shire)
PHP-5.3 compatability (pierre)
Remove compile time warnings, regenerate re2c file, fix old re2c file typo (shire)
Fix memory leak in mailparse_mimemessage creation (shire)
Fix bug #1462 (shire)
2.1.4 Fix bug #13155 (infinite loop and/or mem. corruption after calling mailparse_msg_get_part_data)
Fix Bug #13373 (compilation breaks with CodeWarrior compiler)
2.1.3 Fixed problems with continuation lines introduced in 2.1.2.
Fixed bug #6862.
2.1.2 Fixed memory leaks and depricated code in tests.
Patch for rfc2231 support by Jakub Klos.
Fix incorrect handling of header continuation lines per RFC2822, patch by Jakub Klos.
Initialize variable to prevent segfaults in cases where postion=0.
2.1.1 Fix off-by-one that caused a crash when parsing broken messages.

Avoid possible unterminated loops when parsing malformed email addresses.
Fix a crash bug when not using the OO API.

Add hack to provide "binary" transfer encoding, which is not supported
by mbstring.

Go "stable" at long last; the procedural interface is stable, but not the
OO API. (Despite the version number jump, no nee features have been added)


Fix build problem with PHP 4.3.4 - mbstring extension was rearranged.

Fix potential build problem.

mailparse_msg_parse_file() no longer returns true instead of the mime resource.

Improved uu-decoder to be more robust when dealing with strange line endings.
Fix silly bug introduced by that fix...

Fixed some memory leaks and problems when multiple uue attachments appear
inline in a single mime part.