jsonpath 1.0.1

Extract data using JSONPath notation

This extension allows you to use the versatile JSONPath query language to extract the properties that you want from a decoded JSON document.

License: PHP License


* Issue #164 - refactor string unescaping by @mkaminski1988 in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/165
* Update benchmark chart with benchmarks from latest software versions and run in PHP 8.1 by @crocodele in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/166
* Remove release-drafter workflow. by @dawitnida in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/167
* Add PHP 8.3 nightly on Linux and PHP 8.2 on Windows to builds to run tests on by @crocodele in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/168
* relax test for 8.3 by @remicollet in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/169
* Add exception catching to usage section in README by @crocodele in https://github.com/supermetrics-public/pecl-jsonpath/pull/170