json_post 1.1.0

JSON POST handler

This extension provides a PHP content type handler for "application/json" and
"text/json" to PHP's form data parser. If the `Content-Type` of an incoming
request is `text/json`, the JSON contents of the request body will by parsed
into `$_POST`.

This extension does not provide any constants, functions or classes.

License: BSD-2-Clause


* Fix gh-issue #3:
* Add json_post.onerror.response INI entry, specifying whether and which
response code to send when `json_decode` fails.
* Add json_post.onerror.exit INI entry, specifying whether to exit PHP
without running the script when `json_decode` fails.
* Add json_post.onerror.warning INI entry, specifying whether to raise
a WARNING when `json_decode` fails.