ion: Changelog

Version Message
0.2.1 * Fix possible crash on unserializing uninitialized properties.
0.2.0 * Improved documentation.
* Upgrade bundled ion-c library.
* Fix gh-issue #5: ion\Timestamp crashes with string timezones.
* Add ion\Exception.
* Refactor (un)serialization facilities:
* Removed ion\Reader\Options class and moved the options to the ion\Reader constructor.
* Removed ion\Writer\Options class and moved the options to the ion\Writer constructor.
* Renamed ion\Serializer\PHP to ion\Serializer\Serializer.
* Renamed ion\Unserializer\PHP to ion\Unserializer\Unserializer.
* Changed ion\Serializer::serialize(mixed $data) to
ion\Serializer::serialize(mixed $data, ion\Writer|array|null $writer = null).
* Changed ion\Unserializer::unserialize(string|resource $data) to
ion\Unserializer::unserialize(ion\Reader|string|resource $data)
* Add support for custom (un)serializers.
0.1.0 * Initial release.