ingres: Changelog

Version Message
2.2.4 This is a minor release that addresses the following:
- Update the extension for PHP 5.4
2.2.3 This is a minor release that addresses the following:
- Fix bug 18006 - An unreferenced result resources can cause ingres_query() to fail
- Fix bug 17621 - Improve the handling of C style comments within an SQL query
2.2.2 This is a minor release that addresses the following:
- Fix bug 17556 - Handle errors for non-result returning statements
- Update the unit tests to be more independent
- Fix bug 16960 - SEGV when fetching the results from a row producing procedure
- Fix bug 16990 - SEGV when executing a database procedure
- Fix bug 17510 - Fix php_ii_set_connect_options so they work as documented
- Add support for the Ingres BOOLEAN type
- Fix bug 17302 - _close_statement is unable to free active statements
- Fix bug 17207 - Under certain conditions the driver can SEGV when doing cleaning up
- Fix bug 17198 - Unable to close non-result statements
- Fix bug 17092 - SIGBUS when fetching data on 64-bit Solaris
- IIapi_getDescriptor() should only be called for SELECT statements
- Add ingres_fetch_assoc()
- Fix bug 16752 - Send all string values as IIAPI_VCH_TYPE
- Allow for a 0 offset in all ingres field functions
- Update build scripts for OpenVMS CSWS PHP 2.0
2.2.1 This is a minor release that fixes the following problem:
- Fix bug 16688 - EXECUTE PROCEDURE fails due to a missing "break"
2.2.0 This is a minor release that introduces the following new functionality:

- Add support for fetching/putting LONG NVARCHAR data
- Add arginfo to provide reflection access to the internals
- Add ingres_unbuffered_query()

And fixes the following problems:

- Fix bug 16668 - Update ii_result->tranhandle after calling IIapì_autocommit()
- Fix bug 16616 - auto commit emulation failed with a SELECT followed by an INSERT
- Fix bug 16075 - improper clean up of old resource values causing SEGV
- When II_SYSTEM is not defined provide a link to the documentation showing how to set it up
- Fix bug 16539 - Stale connections fail to be disconnected using IIapi_disconnect()
- Fix bug 16539 - Binding UTF-8 data causes an additional NULL to be sent to the server
- Fix GPF on Windows with sql.safe_mode and undefined ingres.default_database
- Fix ingres_prepare() and ingres_execute() so they actually work
- Make sql_safe_mode use ingres.default_database
- ingres_fetch_proc_return should return NULL if no value is available
- Handle leading white-space characters in query detection (thanks Alex Trofast)
2.1.0 This is a minor release that introduces the following new functionality:
- Add ingres.fetch_buffer_size to configure to the number of rows ingres_query() will fetch.
- Add ingres_charset() to fetch the installation II_CHARSETxx value
- Add ingres.describe ini setting to allow disabling of DESCRIBE INPUT if desired
- Add support for DESCRIBE INPUT
- Add ingres_escape_string()
- Add ingres_result_seek() to support row positioning
2.0.2 This release fixes a number problems discovered since 2.0.1 was released. See below for the list of changes made:
- Fix corrupt Ingres MONEY to PHP DOUBLE conversions
- Eliminate memory leak when ingres_free_result() is not called
- Fix ingres_field_name() so it returns the correct column name
- Fix SEGV in php_ii_convert_data() when converting DATE to STRING
- Enable the extension to build on Mac OS X and HP-UX
- Reduce the number of emalloc calls in php_ii_fetch()
- Clean up proto entries in ingres.c
- Make ingres_conn_*() and ingres_stmt_* aliases for their ingres_err*() counterparts
2.0.1 This release fixes a number problems discovered since 2.0.0 was released. See below for the list of changes made:
- Improved performance by batch fetching rows
- Improved interoperability when working with older Ingres releases
- Improved cleanup when a transaction/session is prematurely aborted
- Replaced "long long int" with "__int64" to allow the extension to build with VC6
- Use PZVAL_ISREF instead of pointing at (*val)->is_ref
- Added --enable-ingres2 to generate php_ingres2.dll for Windows
- Fixed regression with IIAPI_CP_LOGIN_LOCAL being used at the wrong API level
- Revised PECL_INGRES_VERSION to take in to consideration --enable-ingres2
- Fixed LOB retrieval when used with scollable cursors with Ingres 9.2.0
2.0.0 A major overhall for the Ingres extension including the following changes
- Support for multiple concurrent result-sets
- Automatic coercion between UTF-8 and UTF-16
- Bi-directional scrolling cursors
- New functions:
- ingres_free_results() - free the memory associated with a given result set
- ingres_autocommit_state() - return the current auto-commit state
- ingres_next_error() - fetch additional errors if any
- Support for building on OpenVMS using HP's CSWS PHP source, README.VMS for
more information

As previously noted in the ingres-1.x README(.html) file, the implementation
of concurrent resultsets requred a backwards compatibility (bc) break. See
the updated README(.html) for more information regarding this change.
1.4.3 This release incorporates a single change that stablizes the Ingres PECL extension under multi-threaded webservers such as Apache worker or Microsoft IIS. Users of these web servers are strongly recommended to install this update.

The following changes were submitted:
- Wait for disconnect to complete to prevent thread terminating uncleanly [grantc 07-03-07]