htscanner: Changelog

Version Message
1.0.1 - Fixed NULL pointer dereference when CLI server does not
define sapi_module.getenv.
- #22607, adapted apache module to provide dummy php_flag and
php_value directives for Apache 2.x API. See mod_htscanner2.c provided
with the package
- #22608, made example in README more explicit with regarding to IfModule
1.0.0 - #19019, added support for scanning apache UserDir
- #19078, made php_flag behavior consistent with apache
- #19066, call zend at htaccess stage. Fixes crashes for some
settings (e.g. zlib.output_compression) and gains security (checks
- #19168, #18886, #17067, #16891, rewritten htscanner parser code.
All known parsing problems have been fixed
- Added support for IfModule directive
- Fixed mail.log safe_mode and open_basedir bypass
- Plugged serious memory leaks in the caching code
- Don't cache if default_ttl is zero
- Unlock mutex after actually using name and value
- Implemented apache module to provide dummy php_flag and php_value
directives. See mod_htscanner.c provided with the package
- Added htscanner.verbose option that disables warnings when an option
cannot be set
- Fixed build on PHP trunk
- Assorted improvements and code cleanup
0.9.0 - allow all configuration options by using the SAPI hook
- #11959, fix value parsing when other empty chars are used than space (tabs)
- #13190, Setting a value with php_value strips the last character
- #14487, quotes and double quotes not parsed correctly
Thanks to m dot kurzyna at crystalpoint dot pl, manuel at mausz dot at for
their patches and patience :)
0.8.1 - #10426, safe_mode throws warnings about missing .htaccess
- #10432, warning while blocking php_value safe_mode (Matthew Kent)
0.8.0 - Initial PHP4 support
Thanks to widexs ( to fund php4 support
0.7.0 - Request #10017, added a new ini option to disable RINIT errors:
When set to 1 htscanner returns a failure when an error occured
internally (cache, doc_root missing, etc.). If it is et to 0 (the default)
it will simply return SUCCESS and do nothing. It is useful if you have only
one php.ini for cli and cgi or if you compiled it staticaly.
0.6.3 - #9672, erroneous ini value length
- Replace request and module init fatal errors by warnings
- The None value is now case insentive, like in php.ini
- do not use REPORT_ERRORS while trying to open a config file
- Added a note in README to compile for apache when mod_access and php are present
0.6.2 - Removed invalid zend_hash_destroy in mshutdown
- Added an error message when no path translated has been found
- Unlock the cache when an error occured in alter_ini and using a cached entry
0.6.1 - Fixed possible leak in cache
- Calculate the length values only once (strlen cleanup)
- Fixed TSRM build
0.6.0 - Added cache support. Each unique ini setting for a given path is cached
- Added ini setting default_ttl, define the cache lifetime in seconds, default to 300 (5mins)
0.5.0 - Initial PECL relase
- Added safe mode and openbasedir checks
- use PHP streams instead of std IO
- Fixed segfault in the parsing routines
- Fixed CWD detections in threaded environments