hprose: Changelog

Version Message
1.8.0 Fixed utf8 encoding detection.
1.7.0 Add TagHeader for Hprose 3.0.
1.6.8 Fixed for PHP 7.4.
1.6.7 Fixed hprose on PHP 7.3.
Fixed array serialize.
1.6.6 Fixed object unserialize on PHP 7.1.
1.6.5 Fixed PHP 7.1 build.
1.6.4 Changed zend_error_noreturn(php 7.x only) to zend_error.
1.6.3 Fixed windows compile error.
1.6.2 Fixed some memory leaks.
Fixed properties serialization with first capital letter.
1.6.1 Added hprose session.serialize_handler.
1.6.0 Removed future, client and server implementations.
1.5.5 Use zend_ce_throwable introduce in 7.0.0alpha2.
1.5.4 Fixed a bug of serializing an object of a class which implements IteratorAggregate interface.
1.5.3 Fixed a bug of instance method service.
1.5.2 Fixed a bug of async service.
1.5.1 Fast compiling on Windows and Linux.
1.5.0 Faster integer serialize.
Faster double serialize.
Faster basic type serialize/unserialize.
Added Completer and Future class.
Added async service support.
Improved async client support.
1.4.2 Fixed segmentation fault when serialize/unserialize custom PHP class object on Non Thread Safe (NTS) PHP.
1.4.1 syntax updates for strict C89 compilers
1.4.0 Added windows support.
Faster write of HproseBytesIO for long string.
1.3.2 Fixed pecl install in Mac OS X.
Changed packages directories.
1.3.1 Added PHP 5.2 support.
Added old PHP 5.3 support.
1.3.0 Removed unnecessary __construct and __destruct.
Added clone support for HproseBytesIO.
Added get_gc handler for all hprose class.
Added installation in README.
1.2.0 Optimized of the string for php7.
Added load and save method for HproseBytesIO.
Added unserializing from HproseBytesIO for hprose_unserilaize.
Added HproseBytesIO serialize support.
Changed C++ style comments to C-style comments.
Renamed hprose.c to php_hprose.c.
1.1.0 Fixed failed test in 32bits build.
Fixed building on RHEL 5.
Fixed failed tests with PHP 7.
More faster hprose_serialize and hprose_unserialize.
Fixed no response casused crash.
Fixed Line termination inconsistency.
Fixed all warnings, notes and known bugs.
1.0.0 Initial Hprose for pecl