Haru PDF functions

These functions allow you to create PDF documents using the Haru Free PDF Library.

License: PHP

This package is not maintained, if you would like to take over please go to this page.

Latest releases

Version Release Download
1.0.4 2012-12-23 haru-1.0.4.tgz
1.0.3 2012-02-02 haru-1.0.3.tgz
1.0.0 2008-11-19 haru-1.0.0.tgz
0.0.1 2007-03-26 haru-0.0.1.tgz
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Version Message
1.0.4 - Fixed bug #63817 (CreateOutline encoder argument is always NULL)
- Fixed version number.
1.0.3 - Fixed PECL bug #15960 (Cannot access to object properties when extending HaruDoc class)
- Allow compiling with PHP 5.4+. (philip)
1.0.0 - Fixed build with PHP 5.3.x.
- Fixed possible issue in HaruDoc::output() (thanks to Matt Underwood)
0.0.1 First PECL release
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