geoip: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.1 * Add IPv6 support (geoip_country_code_by_*_v6)
* PHP7 support (thanks to Adam and Dan Ackroyd)
1.1.0 * Add geoip_setup_custom_directory() to setup custom directories per request.
* Remove E_NOTICES for IPs not found in database.
* Fix a segfault with geoip_db_get_all_info() on newer libs (bug #64692).
* Add support for geoip_netspeedcell_by_name(), geoip_asnum_by_name() and geoip_domain_by_name() (bug #67121).
* Fix memory leak with custom directories (bug #67138).
* Support changing custom directory via ini_set() (bug #61607).
1.0.8 * Windows support
* Fix segfault with newer geoip libraries and geoip_db_get_all_info() (bug #60066)
* Use X-Macros for repeated code
* Updated tests
1.0.7 * Do not issue a NOTICE when values don't exist for timezone and region name (as added in 1.0.4)
* Fix a compile issue on FreeBSD
* Try to be bulletproof on library features detection.
1.0.6 * Fixing compile bug when multiple GeoIP libs are installed, bug #15372.
1.0.5 * Small bug in phpinfo() when printing version number could crash PHP.
1.0.3 * Change license from PHP 3.0 to PHP 3.01 for Debian?
* Added geoip_continent_code_by_name() to get continent instead of country
* Fixing a small casting issue (compiler warning)
* Fixing missing entries in geoip_record_by_name(), bug #14131
1.0.2 * Added geoip_isp_by_name (patch by Yannick Gard)
1.0.1 * Added geoip_db_avail() to check for DB availability (file found)
* Added geoip_db_filename() to get the internal file name of the library
* Added geoip_db_get_all_info() to fetch all info about all database types
* Added some tests so that make test can crunch something.
* Added database file path and name in warning when DB is not found.
* Added geoip.custom_directory php.ini option to change default path for DBs