gender: Changelog

Version Message
1.1.0 * PHP7 compatibility
1.0.0 * fixed clone breakage of other objects
* fixed thread unsafety in country data handling
* fixed bugĀ #64740 Gender ignores country for some names
0.9.0 * implemented Gender::similarNames()
* implemented Gender::isNick()
0.8.0 * made name dict to be compiled in
* added Gender::country() for getting string representation of countries
* fixed multiple object usage
* PHP 5.3 and 5.4 compatibility
0.7.0 * ported new api version with partial unicode support
* updated dictionary file (need to run the postinstall script)
* several community bugfixes (many thanks rrichards, johannes, kalle)
* Gender class is now in the Gender namespace on PHP v5.3+
0.6.1 * fixed package.xml
0.6.0 * first pecl release with basic functionality
* do not forget to run postinstall script, which copies the names dictionary file