Extension for safely dealing with input parameters. Note: This extension is now part of PHP Core, so use it instead of this outdated PECL version (as of PHP 5.2.0).

The Input Filter extension is meant to address this issue by implementing a set
of filters and mechanisms that users can use to safely access their input data.

License: PHP

This package is not maintained anymore and has been superseded. Package has moved to channel package ext/filter.

Latest releases

Version Release Download
0.11.0 2006-10-31 filter-0.11.0.tgz
0.10.0 2006-09-01 filter-0.10.0.tgz
0.9.4 2006-01-23 filter-0.9.4.tgz
0.9.3 2005-11-18 filter-0.9.3.tgz
0.9.2 2005-10-27 filter-0.9.2.tgz
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Version Message
0.11.0 * Attention, this release contains BC breaks, the API has been rewamped *
see the manual and the examples for more details about the new API
- Fixed possible bug in all filtering functions, input value was modified
- Fixed a bug in FILTER_CALLBACK when a non modified value is returned
- Filters operate now on a copy of the data, allow to safely fetch multiple times the same values
- Improve support of _SERVER/_ENV (apache1 only)
0.10.0 - Fixed PECL bug #6136, ini_set should not be able to change the filter.default (Pierre)
- Fixed PECL bug #6639: uppercase hexadecimal digits are not supported
- Fixed PECL bug #7733, Float exponential weird result (Pierre)
- Fixed PECL bug #7715, Input_get float error (Pierre)
- Fixed PECL bug #8316, empty string with FILTER_VALIDATE_INT returns 0
- Fixed Possible leak in internal sapi_filter (Pierre)
- Fixed an issue with multiple calls using the same input type (Tony)
- Fixed leak in sapi filter (Tony, Ilia)
- Fixed magic_quotes_gpc from being applied when RAW filter is used (Ilia)
- Added support for custom decimal separator (Pierre)
- Added support for php pcre expressions (Pierre)
- Added input_get_args, fetches all input in one call (Pierre)
- Added FILTER_FLAG_SCALAR and FILTER_FLAG_ARRAY, allows or not array values (Pierre)
- Basic IPv6 (no option yet, only the syntax is verified) (Pierre)
- INT, Float and boolean filters trim the values before the validations (default trim()) (Pierre)
- input_get and input_get_args returns now FALSE when the validation failed
and NULL when the variable has not been found (Pierre)
- Added JIT support
0.9.4 - Reimplement php_filter_callback() as exception-safe and without memleaks
- Renamed all constants.
- Fixed PECL bug #6124: Crash on HTML tags when using FS_STRING
0.9.3 - Fixed PECL bug #5960: Build with PHP's PCRE headers
- Fixed PECL bug #5962: Postive float returned when negative float given
- Fixed PECL bug #5963: Segmentation fault when passing anything other than strings

- Added PECL FR #5961: Support other cases of "On", "Off", "True", and "False"
0.9.2 - Implemented support for default filter flags in php.ini with the
filter.default_flags setting.
- Fixed a crash when a non-array option was passed in combination with the
callback filter.
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