ecma_intl 0.1.0

ecma_intl is an i18n and l10n extension for PHP

ecma_intl is a PHP implementation of the ECMA-402 11th Edition
Internationalization API Specification.

License: BSD-3-Clause


Initial release with initial functionality ported from ECMA-402:

- Ecma\Intl static class with static methods getCanonicalLocales() and supportedValuesOf()
- Ecma\Intl\Category enum to pass to Intl::supportedValuesOf()
- Ecma\Intl\Locale to represent Unicode locales
- Ecma\Intl\Locale\Options for manipulating locales when creating instances of Ecma\Intl\Locale
- Ecma\Intl\Locale\TextInfo and Ecma\Intl\Locale\CharacterDirection for conveying typesetting information for the locale
- Ecma\Intl\Locale\WeekInfo and Ecma\Intl\Locale\WeekDay for conveying calendar information for the locale