datadog_trace 0.64.0

APM and distributed tracing for PHP

The Datadog PHP Tracer brings APM and distributed tracing to PHP.

License: BSD 3-Clause


**WARNING**: With this release the file `_generated.php` is not used anymore and files `_generated_api.php` and `_generated_internal.php` are generated instead. This only impacts users having a very custom installation procedure that requires custom builds and manual copy of files.

### Added
- Bring ZAI config, internal spans, and improved exception handling to PHP 7 #1293

### Fixed
- Disable flaky ext/ftp tests on PHP <8.1 #1296
- Compatibility with PHP 7.4+ preloading #1298 (thank you @olsavmic for the investigation and reproduction case)
- Check for php8 binary in package/ script #1301 (thank you for the contribution @daiwai)
- Support userland spans with custom root spans created internally #1303
- Fix memory leak of already defined global tags #1304