datadog_trace 0.10.0

APM and distributed tracing for PHP

The Datadog PHP Tracer brings APM and distributed tracing to PHP.

License: BSD 3-Clause



Refer to the migration guide (/ for a detailed description.

At an high level here are the breaking changes we introduced:

- We removed OpenTracing as a required dependency. We still support OpenTracing, so you can do `OpenTracing\GlobalTracer::get()` in your code and still retrieve a OpenTracing compliant tracer, but OpenTracing dependency is now optional.
- We introduced auto-instrumentation and 1-step installation in place of manual registration of providers/bundles. Before, in order to see traces, you had to install our extension, add two dependencies to the composer file and add a provider (Laravel) or a bundle (Symfony). Starting from now you will only have to install the extension. You still have freedom to manually instrument the code, but only for advanced usage.

### Added
- Request init hook configuration allowing running arbitrary code before actual request execution #175
- Support OpenTracing without depending on it #193
- Initial C extension PHP 5.4 support #205
- Removal of external dependencies to support auto-instrumentation #206
- Migration from namespace based constants to class based constants for tags, formats and types #207
- Track integration loading to avoid re-loading unnecessary ones #211
- Documenting release steps #223
- Ability to run web framework tests in external web server #232
- Support for auto-instrumentation #237
- Support for Zend Framework 1 #238
- `Tracer::startRootSpan()` to track the root `Scope` instance which can be accessed with `Tracer::getRootScope()` #241

### Fixed
- The INI settings now appear in `phpinfo()` and when running `$ php -i` #242