This is the official PHP Extension to connect to CUBRID Database.

CUBRID is an open source database management system highly optimized for Web applications ( The current PHP extension is fully compatibly with the latest stable version of CUBRID Database. To post issues and report bugs, please use CUBRID Official Forum at

License: PHP

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Version Message Fixed bugs:
[APIS-756] crashed (core dumped) in calling cubrid_pconnect in PHP 7.1.x version Changed and Enhanced Features:
1) The driver is support cubrid version 8.4.1,8.4.3 ,8.4.4,9.1.0, 9.2.0 9.3.0 and 10.1.0

Fixed bugs:
1)APIS-724 - cubrid_column_types could not get data type date. Update version to 9.3.0. 1) APIS-631 - PHP cubrid_free_result() doesn't return False if the method was called with invalid parameters Fixed bugs:
1)[APIS-120] - [PHP]Return value is not correct when passing a date parameter to cubrid_bind method
2)[APIS-121] - [PHP]Return value is not false when passing a invalid time to cubrid_bind method
3)[APIS-358] - [PHP] Create table failed when using default timestamp '2038-01-19 12:14:07'
4)[APIS-364] - [PHP][Windows] the export lob file from db is not correct after import the lob fie into db successfully
5)[APIS-513] - [PHP Static] Cas error code is not expected in Windows
6)[APIS-553] - Manual page for cubrid_close_request() should be edited
7)[APIS-554] - cubrid_connect_with_url example does not have updated connection url
8)[APIS-556] - cubrid_fetch CUBRID_LOB tries to allocate 4 billion bytes
9)[APIS-557] - cubrid_lob2_seek64 example does not work properly
10)[APIS-558] - [PHP]some bug about document
11)[APIS-560] - Cannot load PHP API in CentOS 5.6: undefined symbol: pthread_create in Unknown on line 0
12)[APIS-562] - Cannot execute DELETE query in CUBRID SHARD via PHP API
13)[APIS-583] - [PHP] The cubrid_get_class_name() function throws a warning if select data from a system table
14)[APIS-586] - [PHP] cubrid_bind() doesn't work properly when insert bit data
15)[APIS-587] - [PHP] cubrid_bind() doesn't support select bit data from a prepared statement
16)[APIS-596] - [PHP][Manual] The 'test_lob' table which is not created initially may lead some misunderstandings
Changed and Enhanced Features:
1)[APIS-549] - Warnings during PHP/PDO API build via PECL
2)[APIS-555] - support Collection Data Types in Pdo driver
3)[APIS-559] - Compile PHP/PDO drivers from together with CCI source code instead of including the entire CCI binary.
4)[APIS-584] - [PHP][Manual] Some 'Example' codes about the driver in are somewhat confused
5)[APIS-580] - Support CCI connection string parameters like altHosts, loadBalance in PHP/PDO
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