DataStax PHP Driver for Apache Cassandra

A modern, feature-rich and highly tunable PHP client library for Apache
Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise using exclusively Cassandra's binary
protocol and Cassandra Query Language v3.

License: Apache License 2.0

Latest releases

Version Release Download
1.3.2 2017-08-14 cassandra-1.3.2.tgz
1.3.0 2017-03-16 cassandra-1.3.0.tgz
1.2.2 2016-08-08 cassandra-1.2.2.tgz
1.2.1 2016-07-28 cassandra-1.2.1.tgz
1.2.0 2016-07-26 cassandra-1.2.0.tgz
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Version Message
1.3.2 # 1.3.2


* [PHP-155] Support for PHP 7.1

Bug Fixes:

* [PHP-189] Set of map : bad hash calculation
* [PHP-172] php_driver_value_hash hashes IS_TRUE and IS_FALSE to 1 in PHP7
* [PHP-163] Disable hostname resolution if compiling against libuv 0.10
* [PHP-159] Driver version Number (composer)
* [PHP-142] Memory Leak in Cassandra\Timestamp::toDateTime() and Cassandra\UserTypeValue::values()
* [PHP-118] Unable to bind list values using global type constants


* [PHP-196] Update building and testing documentation
* [PHP-191] Updates to README files
* [PHP-117] Broken links in documentor-generated docs
* [PHP-102] Documentation improvements
1.3.0 # 1.3.0


* Added support for the `duration` type
* Added support to pass a query string directly to `Session::execute()` and
* `ExecutionOptions` has been deprecated in favor of using an array

Bug Fixes:
* [PHP-86] Decimal __toString method
* [PHP-109] Cassandra solr_query not working after upgrading to DSE 5
* [PHP-114] pecl install compiler output is dominated by C90 warnings
* [PHP-119] Driver crashes upon getting type of column
* [PHP-143] Memory leak in `FutureSession`
* [PHP-144] Fix persistent sessions reference counting issue
* [PHP-147] Unable to create Bigint with PHP_INT_MIN
1.2.2 # 1.2.2

Bug Fixes:

* [PHP-88] \Cassandra\Timestamp::toDateTime segfault with PHP7
* [PHP-112] Freeing a null future as result of a failure in \Cassandra\DefaultSession::executeAsync()
* [PHP-115] \Cassandra\UUID returning duplicate UUIDs
1.2.1 # 1.2.1

Bug Fixes:

* [PHP-113] pecl install of 1.2.0 fails because sourcecode is missing FutureRows.h
1.2.0 # 1.2.0


* Added support for `tinyint` and `smallint` types
* Added support for `date` and `time` types
* Added support for secondary index metadata
* Added support for UDF/UDA metadata
* Added support for materialized view metadata
* Added blacklist and whitelist datacenter and host policies

Bug Fixes:

* [PHP-100] Whitelist/Blacklist LB setting should update the cluster builder hash key
* [PHP-101] Memory leak when paging results
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