ast 1.1.0

Extension exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree

php-ast exports the AST internally used by PHP 7.
php-ast is significantly faster than PHP-Parser, because the AST construction is implemented in C.
However, php-ast may only parse code that is syntactically valid on the version of PHP it runs on.

License: BSD-3-Clause


- Change documentation files to properly namespace attributes as `#[\AllowDynamicProperties]`. The reflection attributes are already correct.
- Deprecated AST versions 50 and 60.
- Drop support for php <= 7.1
- Fix test failures seen in php 8.2.0beta2 due to change to var_export's output format.
- Add support for php 8.2 readonly classes. Add `ast\flags\CLASS_READONLY` constant.
- Add support for php 8.2 `true` type. Add `ast\flags\TYPE_TRUE` constant.
- Fix bug in php 8.2 where ZEND_AST_ARROW_FUNC output did not include the stub `AST_RETURN` node that was included in php 8.1 and below.