ast 1.0.7

Extension exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree

php-ast exports the AST internally used by PHP 7.
php-ast is significantly faster than PHP-Parser, because the AST construction is implemented in C.
However, php-ast may only parse code that is syntactically valid on the version of PHP it runs on.

License: BSD-3-Clause


- Add the experimental AST version 80
- In AST version 80, support returning `mixed` types as an `AST_TYPE` with type `TYPE_MIXED` instead of an `AST_NAME`.
- In AST version 80, support PHP 8.0 attributes for declarations.
- Support PHP 8.0's Match expressions.
- Support PHP 8.0 constructor property promotion, and allow indicating visibility on AST nodes.
Note that `MODIFIER_PUBLIC` and `ast\AST_PARAM` modifiers had overlap in php 7.4,
so the `MODIFIER_*` modifiers are only included in the provided metadata for php 8.0+