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APC User Caching

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5.1.22 2022-09-19 apcu-5.1.22.tgz
5.1.21 2021-10-07 apcu-5.1.21.tgz
5.1.20 2021-03-04 apcu-5.1.20.tgz
5.1.19 2020-10-05 apcu-5.1.19.tgz
5.1.18 2019-10-28 apcu-5.1.18.tgz
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Version Message
5.1.22 - PHP 8.2 compatibility
- PHP 8.1 compatibility in apc.php
- Fix --enable-apcu-rwlocks configure option
- Enable transparent huge pages for mmap memory
- Use monotonic clock for TTL
5.1.21 - Fixed compatibility with PHP 8.1 by adding return types to APCUIterator.
- APCUIterator::current() and ::key() can no longer be called on an invalid iterator.
5.1.20 - Fix deadlocks when other apcu_* functions are used inside apcu_entry(). It should now be safe to use any functions inside the apcu_entry() callback.
- Fix division by zero exception in apc.php.
- Fix handling of references in PHP 8 if "default" serializer is used (which is not the default).
- Fix string reuse handling if "default" serializer is used (which is not the default).
- Check for failures when acquiring read locks to report problems earlier (write locks were already checked previously).
- Adjust tests for current PHP 8.1 development branch.
- Remove *_api.h headers. Use apc_cache.h instead of apc_cache_api.h etc.
5.1.19 - Fixed apcu_store() with integer keys (#388).
- Made apc.use_request_time=0 the default (#391).
- Made apcu compatible with PHP 8.0.
5.1.18 - Implement apcu_inc() and apcu_dec() using atomic operations. This means that these functions no longer have to acquire a write lock. These functions will now wraparound on overflow, instead of saturating to a floating point value.
- Make table header in apc.php sticky.
- Fix compile warnings related to mktemp() usage.
- Fix compatibility with PHP 8.0.
- Fix required number of arguments for apcu_store() returned by Reflection.
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